If you do this long enough

…you’re going to lose someone you know.

The Fallen Wings Foundation is an all volunteer Nonprofit dedicated to gathering support and awareness for United States Air Force (USAF) aerial mishap aircrew. Our mission is immediate and continued support to USAF aerial mishap aircrew. We were formed in the small desert oasis of Holloman Air Force Base by a group of active duty USAF pilots and spouses. Our vision is to mobilize monetary resources to the first-of-kin in the event of an aerial mishap. If there’s one thing we’ve all seen, and know, is that the Bro Network (both male and female aircrew) is very strong, but has more often than not been isolated. The Fallen Wings Foundation is here to unite the Bro Net, and enrich any and all namesake foundations of bros past.

That Bro Network Though

From the start of all of our careers in the military, we are exposed to challenge and adversity. It is through this adversity that tactical skills are earned and a brotherhood is formed among the victors. This brotherhood is affectionately known around the military, specifically the aviation community, as the Bro Network, or Net for short. This Bro Net allows the youngest of Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) cadets bond through the tough years of junior high and high school. It fosters deep friendships that build up the youngest of our nations leaders to build a path to success at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), ROTC cadets in our universities, Officer Training School (OTS) recruits, and Guard/Reserve hires. Spreading through our Basic Military Training (BMT), and onto the follow on Technical Schools (TechSchool) for the enlisted aviator aircrew that each crew mission would be incapable of completing without their combined strength. The Bro Net allows one aviator to high-five his crew chief, ask how his brother is doing in high school back in his hometown, while telling an unforgettable story about ‘this old instructor once…', and then being able to call/message that ‘old instructor’ after the mission, who now teaches in the Simulator Instruction, or major airline business and catch up. The Fallen Wings Foundation is uniting any and all Bro Nets, and removing the individuality out of their efforts to form a very simple and common line of mutual effort to benefit all aircrew. Male, female, officer, enlisted, pilot, weapon system officer, combat system officer, load master, flight engineer, any and all aircrew… You are the Bro Net, join us in bringing all of our supporters into our fold, becoming the assistance force we all deserve in our greatest time of need.

The Nuts and Bolts of Our Operation

100% Volunteer, 90% minimum annual revenue directly towards our mission (signed into our by-laws), 4 person staff (as for right now), a world of contacts.

The Fallen Wings Foundation, with your help, will fill the gaps that things like life insurance and the federal government cannot. For example, as a rough hack (estimate), when a fatal aerial mishap happens the Air Force will immediately mobilize around twenty thousand dollars towards the first of kin almost immediately. This works well to help with immediate travel, or grieving events such as burials or funerals. If the aviator has somewhere around the basic life insurance that most aviators possess, the beneficiary (hopefully first of kin/spouse) will have 4-5 years worth of a living wage to possibly relocate, reeducate, possibly become employed or search out more lucrative employment, and form a new ‘normal life’ without the loved one they no longer have around. Place yourself in the shoes of a late twenties wife, mother of one maybe two children under the age of three, in a foreign country or clear across the U.S. from your family, and this terrible event changes your life forever…

We will fill the shortfalls. We will maintain legacies of our bros. We will stand with anyone through their darkest hours and personally support where needed to bring light back into their lives. Every instance will be different, no need will be identical, but The Fallen Wings Foundation is going to help our Bros and their families until we fiscally cannot continue.